Jim is a PROVEN MAGA / Trump Supporter.

Here is a photo from his race against Klobuchar in 2018.

Jim openly supported President Trump and worked to build a support base for the president.

He put up hundreds of these across the state in 2018.


Jim is a PROVEN 2nd Amendment supporter

Here is a letter supporting Jim from Rob Doar, the Senior V.P. from the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus.


April 1st, 2022 

Pro-Second Amendment Republicans, 

For over a decade, I have been fighting for 2nd Amendment rights at the Minnesota Capitol. While many states that have suffered through anti-gun governors and legislative leadership have seen their 2nd Amendment rights eroded, we have been blessed in Minnesota to push back on Michael Bloomberg’s assault on your fundamental rights. Even when faced with extreme anti-gun politicians like Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, and Ryan Winkler, Minnesota’s gun owners have prevailed and not surrendered a single inch, and only advanced your right to keep and bear arms  

As a state representative, Jim Newberger was critical to the defense the 2nd Amendment, securing your right to keep and bear arms, and blocking Bloomberg’s assault on your rights. 

Throughout his service in the legislature, Rep. Newberger has not only helped block EVERY SINGLE gun control proposal that’s been introduced, he managed to get pro-gun measures off the House floor, through the DFL-controlled Senate, and signed into law by Governor Dayton. This included permit to carry, legalizing suppressors in Minnesota, and increased reciprocity with states like North Dakota. Jim was the CHIEF AUTHOR of the bill removing the Governor’s ability to block firearm sales, close gun shops, suspend the right to carry, or otherwise limit 2nd Amendment rights under a state of emergency. We had no idea when we passed that law in 2015 just how critical it was until Tim Walz tried to close gun shops during the COVID lockdowns, and was told he couldn’t because of the law that Rep. Newberger wrote. If you were able to buy a gun, ammo, or accessories, or exercise your right to carry during the COVID lockdowns, you have Rep. Newberger to thank. 

Others may talk a good game, but Jim Newberger has a rock-solid record of supporting your gun rights. Gun owners are lucky to have a steady leader like Jim. Please send him back. 

In Liberty,  


Rob Doar 
Senior VP – Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus 


Radio Ad Transcripts.

  1. Do family farms matter? They do to me! Hi folks, I’m Jim Newberger, most of you know me.  I represented most of Benton and parts of Morrison counties in the legislature.  I’m running for the state senate.  A few years ago farmer in our area felt the heavy hand of the DNR.  They were over regulating irrigation.  Drainage ditches were now called trout streams.  Fictional fish were now more important than family farms.  Our fares were backed into a corner.  I stopped the DNR and their over regulation of ground water.  Now the DNR is at it again.  They want to force many of our farmers to stop watering their crops.  Folks, there is another choice.  Our family farms are more important than fictional fish.  That is why the farm community has reached out to me, Jim Newberger, to run for the state senate.  They know I can defend our family farms.  I’ve done it before and would be honored to do so again.  vote for our farmers.  Vote Jim Newberger for state senate.  Prepared and paid for by Jim Newberger for state senate, Milaca Minnesota.
  2. Hi folks, I’m Jim Newberger and I’m running for the state senate.  I’m a 30 year paramedic and I volunteered as a sidewalk counselor.  I’m 100% Prolife.  As a state rep, I had a 100% Prolife voting record with 22 life saving votes and I never voted for pro abortion leaders.  Every candidate should answer that question.  I supported the Born Alive Act.  A law that protects babies, born alive during an abortion.  Vote Prolife, Vote Jim Newberger for state senate.  Prepared and paid for by Jim Newberger for state senate, Milaca MN.
  3. Hi Folks, Jim Newberger here and I’m running to be your next state senator.  I would like to thank the Minnesota Law Enforcement Community, for their MPPOA endorsement.  I know what cops face everyday because I spent 30 years working with them as a paramedic.  I won’t let Walz pull the plug on our cops.  Vote to support our cops. Vote Jim Newberger for state senate in the August 9th Republican Primary.  Prepared and paid for by Jim Newberger for state senate Milaca Minnesota.  



Paid for By Jim Newberger for MN State Senate

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